Don't wait to get worse, make a visit now! 

Unable to make an appointment? No worries, we are a walk-in medical centre, no appointments necessary. Patients will be seen on a first in first serve basis. You can leave the surgery while waiting to see the doctor. The receptionist will alert you 5 minutes before the doctor is ready for you via SMS.

If you are a new patient and have made an appointment, we advise you to come to our Medical Centre 10 minutes earlier, so you can fill out the necessary paperwork. Scroll down below to make an appointment online.

If it is an urgent medical problem, please let our receptionist know, and we will do our best to provide you with medical attention as soon as possible. Urgent matters will always be taken priority if you let us know first, either by a phone call or in person.

If you feel your illness could be infectious to others e.g. chicken pox, measles, tell the receptionist so a private waiting area may be provided.


If you or a family member requires an interpreter service, please let us know when making your appointment.

Phone calls from patients are generally not taken by the doctors to keep consultations free from disruptions as much as possible, unless urgent. Messages can be left instead and we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as practicable. However, an appointment is recommended if the matter is urgent. 

Our practice is committed to preventative care. We routinely send recall and reminder letters to patients offering you preventative health services appropriate to your care. If you do not wish to be part of this system, please let your doctor or the receptionist know.

Patients with a valid Medicare card will be bulk billed for their consultation. 

PRIVATE PATIENTS: patients without a valid Medicare card will be charged the following for a standard consultation:

Normal Hours
(Mon - Fri 8.30am - 7.00pm)
Private Fee Medicare Rebate (Valid Medicare Cardholders) Out of Pocket Expenses (Valid Medicare Cardholders)
Standard Consultation $60 $37.05 approx $22.95
Long Consultation $100 $71.70 approx ​$28.30
​Ear Syringing $100 $83.95 approx​ $16.05
​Childhood Vaccinations $120 $83.95 approx $36.05
​Women's Healthcare - Pap Smear $120 $84.00 approx $36.05
After Hours
(Outside Normal Hours)
Private Fee Medicare Rebate (Valid Medicare Cardholders) Out of Pocket Expenses (Valid Medicare Cardholders)
Standard Consultation $70 $49.00 approx $21.00
Long Consultation $110 $83.95 approx $26.05

Should any surgical procedure be performed, there will be an additional cost for the use of the required disposable equipment ($30). Please enquire about the cost of these instruments at your consultation as appropriate to the services you require. To meet accreditation standards, disposable surgical equipment is used at Chullora Medical. Your doctor will explain any additional costs during your consultation prior to receiving treatment.


If you are unable to make your appointment, please notify us by phone to cancel as soon as possible, so that we can offer your appointment to another patient.
A cancellation fee of $30 will apply if you cancel an appointment with one of our Allied Health Partners (dietitian, psychologist or physiotherapist). Cancelling with our resident doctors may incur a cancellation fee.



Just walk in, no appointments!